Congrats on Completing the Attitude Challenge

Congratulations, on completing the

The goal of this challenge is for participants to have a transformed Be-Attitude in the area of humility. Each day we challenged you in the area of humility. 

Day 1: Attitude of Humility 

Day 2: Attitude of Pride

Day 3: Humility in Hopefulness

Day 4: Humility in Belonging

Day 5: Humility in Coping

Day 6: Attitude Checkup

Day 7: Attitude of Cynicism and Invincibility

Whether you were in pre-contemplation or maintenance in the stages of change about your attitude, we pray that this challenge helped you progress to the next stage of transforming your attitude in and through the model.

Stages of changing attitude after completing the challenge

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Your Beatitudes seeks to build a Be-Attitudes Nation, a community of individuals who are intentional about having a Be-Attitude and are experiencing spiritual blessings due to being kingdom-minded.

Stay tuned for our next challenge and other ways to be inspired to have a Be-Attitude, like the launch of our new Be-Attitude themed Christian-inspired vegan leather purse. Follow my journey designing handbags for the kingdom. 

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Wanda Howard

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I so needed this spring cleaning🥰

Wanda Howard

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