Day 7 of Attitude challenge - Attitude of cynicism


What is your attitude about yourself and others? The last two subscales on the Happiness Assessment look are Sense of Cynicism and Sense of InvincibilitySense of Cynicism is the tendency to believe and expect the worst of others and behave in a certain way. Cynical people have an attitude that people are motivated only by self-interest. Cynicism is a defensive mechanism we use to protect ourselves and can be easy to slip into when humility is lacking in our lives.


When you have an attitude of humility, your awareness of your defects and shortcomings should prevent a self-righteous attitude towards others. The humility in the heart of believers can hope for the best in others because with Christ living in us, love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things (1 Corinthians 13:7).

An attitude of humility is peace with yourself and others.


A Sense of Invincibility is the tendency to adopt an overly optimistic attitude. Invincibility is the quality of being too powerful to be defeated or overcome. Those who have an attitude of invincibility believe they are incapable of being conquered or subdued. Invincibility becomes an issue when we take God out of the formula and overestimate ourselves and our capabilities. An attitude of humility is the mindset that we are powerless and invincibility exists in the power of God and God only.

An attitude of humility recognizes invincibility is given by God and dependent on God.  


I paired a sense of cynicism and invincibility together because the center of both is trust and a lack of humility. Cynical people don’t have enough trust and confidence in others, and people who believe they are invincible have too much trust and confidence in themselves.

The secret to shifting in cynicism and invincibility is having a Be-Attitude by imitating the humility of Christ and knowing God is in Control.


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    Scripture References:

    Psalm 19:14; Romans 14:13; Galatians 5:15; Philippians 4:13; Jeremiah 17:7; Isaiah 40:29


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      Nancy Betts

      In my life I try to believe that anyone can change from a none trust worthy person with the help of the Lord if they really want to in their heart. I’ve trusted a person in the past that I thought would never lie to me but they did and even though I was hurt I knew and did forgive that person. I’ve never lost faith that there are still good people in this world.

      Nancy Betts

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