Attitude: 💁🏽 I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

"It's Very Nice...I Love It. I Love It." When I receive these videos from customers, I believe God reminds me that he fearfully and wonderfully made me. He is using me to do things that I would never imagine for His glory. Fearfully means God made us with honor, respect, great reverence, and heartfelt interest. Wonderfully means we are un...
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What’s Your Attitude About Blessings?

What’s Your Attitude About Blessings? We search all over the world for ways to be blessed. We search for blessings in different areas of our life, like our relationships, careers, finances, power and influence.  Then we find out that similar to buying fresh produce at the market, these types of blessings are not meant to last long-term and the...
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Attitude Check: The Cost of Dreams

I'm so grateful Your Beatitudes (YB) has served and been a blessing to you over the years.  From the weekly Thursday morning (5:30 am) Be-Attitude Blessed teachings, Attitude Challenge, blogs, social media inspiration, faith-based merchandise, etc. I'm truly grateful for your support.  As you know, I recently gave birth to a God-sized dream in ...
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Do You Have An Attitude To Guard What’s Important?

Attitude Check   Do You Have An Attitude ToGuard What’s Important? As we navigate life, we learn that certain things in our lives have value and are worth guarding.If you were at home alone, and your house caught on fire, and you thought you had a few minutes to grab something quickly, what do you think you would run and get? I might ru...
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Attitude Check: Seek God About Everything

Do you have an attitude to seek God about everything?

We are taught to seek after relationships, career, money, status, fame, attention, anything that will make us feel happy. Just head over to social media and look at what people are doing to get someone to like their post or follow their page.

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Attitude Check: Seeing is Not Believing

God is waiting on you to believe Him even before you see it. 

I know I am not alone when I say I use to have the "I will believe it when I see it" attitude. In the past, I've been guilty of having an attitude of disbelief or distrust when it came to my relationships with people or certain circumstances in life.

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