What’s Your Attitude About Blessings?

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What’s Your Attitude About Blessings?

We search all over the world for ways to be blessed. We search for blessings in different areas of our life, like our relationships, careers, finances, power and influence.  Then we find out that similar to buying fresh produce at the market, these types of blessings are not meant to last long-term and they grow stale and rot. 

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But imagine waking up with the attitude that you are already divinely blessed. Walking and talking with the assuredness and confidence that that your spiritual blessings will never get stale nor rot. They stay fresh and are everlasting.

That’s what Your Beatitudes brand is about. Empowering women to cultivate a mindset and spirit that are so is fixated on the attitude of Jesus to live and living out his teaching on what a blessed life looks like.

What are the Beatitudes (Be-Attitudes)?

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Beatitude stems from a Latin name that means blessedness, abundant happiness. Jesus left us the perfect blueprint in Matthew 5:3 – 11 of the bible for us to follow in His footsteps and live out the true meaning of a blessed life as He described it. The beatitudes are more than just ‘nice to say’ sentences – they are powerful declarations of a state of blessing that is already ours to behold as kingdom citizens.

Download our Beatitudes Infographic and recite these powerful declarations.

Beatitudes Blessed Infographics for the month

The Blessings in the Beatitudes 

The world may describe blessings through the lens of material possessions but Jesus tells us through the Beatitudes that the secret to a fulfilling and blessed life is through humility and seeking his Kingdom first. They remind us to thirst and hunger for righteousness in our pursuit of God. That what really matters is the abundant joy we get from being living sacrifices that are ready to be used for his glory.

Wait, These Beatitudes Are Too Difficult To Live Out…

The beauty and grace that exists in the beatitudes is that God makes room for us to be works in progress as we aim to be great and live as citizens of the Kingdom. He doesn’t demand perfection from us as evidenced by his free gift of salvation and the blessings available for us. It’s up-to you to take your rightful place and be blessed.

turn to god with peace purity and happiness

It’s time to turn your heart fully towards God and his virtues like mercy, peace, purity of heart and righteousness.  Let us walk together towards embodying the character and life of Christ while receiving his blessings over our lives.

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