🤔Attitude Check Needed?

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Have you ever received a major attitude check? 🤔Maybe you are wondering what I mean by attitude check? 

Your attitude refers to your emotions, beliefs, and behaviors toward a particular person, event, object, or thing.

Recall a time when you struggled with pride in your heart or thinking that you were better than someone else.

As I get more intentional about my relationship with Christ, He reveals a lot of areas where I need an attitude check.

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I recently discovered a need for an attitude check in the area of mercy (Matthew 5:7)

During a situation with my spouse, God helped me to see my heart through the beatitudes. God revealed that although I may have been right in the case, my reaction and attitude did not reflect His character.

As a result, I had to humble myself and be merciful. This shift was easy when I thought about how much mercy God has shown me. 

Identify an area today where you struggled with pride and thought you were correct in a situation and did not show mercy.

I encourage you to surrender to God and allow the beatitudes to shift your attitude.  

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