Attitude Check: The Cost of Dreams

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I'm so grateful Your Beatitudes (YB) has served and been a blessing to you over the years.  From the weekly Thursday morning (5:30 am) Be-Attitude Blessed teachings, Attitude Challenge, blogs, social media inspiration, faith-based merchandise, etc. I'm truly grateful for your support. 

As you know, I recently gave birth to a God-sized dream in the launching of our latest luxury purse, The Elizabeth. But, have you ever received a vision or dream from God, carried it for nine months, two years, five years, or longer, and the birthing of that dream was met by others with mixed emotions? If so, then you can relate. 

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Not everyone will celebrate your dreams or understand your God-given WHYRecently, my inbox was flooded with celebratory responses and some not so celebratory comments asking, Why Are You Charging That Much For This? In addition, there were accusations and some hideous comments about the investment of The Elizabeth

Let me first say, I believe in serving before selling. I will continue to add value and offer free programs and content to our Be-Attitudes Nation community. Those who know me know that I don’t just talk about serving. I have a track record of serving in ministry and supporting children and families financially that God has put in my path. The Elizabeth is even named after a precious premature baby born in Uganda last year whose family I was helping to pay their hospital bills. Elizabeth transitioned to be with God, but she taught her young parents and me to have faith and trust God despite the circumstances in her short time on earth. 

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I also believe every God-given dream costs you something. It will cost your time, effort, strength, and you guessed it – MONEY. While dreaming is FREE, manifesting your dreams is not, and we can’t fulfill our dreams alone. To execute your dreams, you have to change your mindset and transform your attitude to a Be-Attitude. Then God will assign people to help birth the dream and vision. Some may be prayer warriors, graphic designers, photographers, coaches, marketers, administrative assistants, manufacturers, to name a few. 😊

Every dream costs us something

YB is excited to offer value and nothing but the best to our YB tribe. Our latest luxury cactus leather handbag has tremendous value and will be a great addition to your accessories. I'm very comfortable offering it at a price that reflects the creation, time, energy, work, and cost it took to create it.

I encourage you, don’t sit or settle on your dreams or let fear or the opinions of others sabotage what God is telling you to birth. Everyone won't understand or recognize the value of your dream or be willing to pay the price. Take the leap anyway!

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If you haven’t purchased the Elizabeth,
sow into your God-size dream by investing in mine. Every YB purchase impacts the lives of others through your compassion for others, and our generous donations support several charitable organizations.
Click this link: Charities We Support page

Remember, you are not waiting on God.
He’s waiting on you! So have faith and go for your God-sized Dream!


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sonya inabinet

soo proud of the Spirit Lead in you! looking for more doors being unlocked for you to bless and be blessed!🤗. Phil 1:6

sonya inabinet

Continue being a blessing! Inspired by your service

Theressa Marie Myers Information

Do y’all have anything else to buy?

Theressa Marie Myers Information
Mitch Esguerra

Serve before selling. That is profound…

Mitch Esguerra

Beautiful! I am super proud of you. Proud of the woman God has created and destined you to be. Continue to soar and to pursue your God given dreams. God bless you and continue to serve with gratitude! Latoya

David Muyomba

l can’t thank God enough for you that you always me and others those courageous and motivating words. Thank you for for being a blessing to me and to all the people around the world. May God keep safe and bless you.

David Muyomba

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