Come As You Are, Don’t Stay As You Are


I was visiting a friend from Uganda at a hotel in Dubai, and the sign above the entrance caused me to smile. It said, "Come As You Are.The hotel sign got something right. God wants us to Come As We Are

We must come to Him in humility, recognizing that we are sinners and need His help.

Unfortunately, some Christians have been deceived into thinking that we can come to God and Stay As We Are, remaining unchanged.

I used to be one of those Christians. I thought as long as I believed in Jesus Christ and occasionally asked for forgiveness for those "big sins" I committed, then I was good. But when we come to God, He requires us to confess and turn away from ALL sins. He also requires us to CHANGE with His help to leave our old Attitude and lifestyle behind. God desires to transform our Attitudes and submit to Him in obedience because he knows what's best for us. He wants us to know the Truth about salvation to experience true blessings found in the Beatitudes and other scriptures in the Bible.

I am grateful that God was willing to help me understand the Truth through the Beatitudes. Learn more about the Beatitudes here: Beatitudes Infographic

Identify some areas you allowed God to CHANGE in your life.
Reflect on an Attitude that you still desire to change and PRAY for God's Help.

Now change your mind and Attitude to God and turn to him so he can cleanse away your sins and send you wonderful times of refreshment from the presence of the Lord. ~ Acts 3:19

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I'm encouraging women in God's Truth through Your Beatitudes programs and the Elizabeth handbag I'm wearing. It includes a custom stainless-steel metal card engraved with the Beatitudes encouragement on the back flap. 




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