Do You Have An Attitude To Guard What’s Important?

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Do You Have An Attitude To
Guard What’s Important?

As we navigate life, we learn that certain things in our lives have value and are worth guarding.

If you were at home alone, and your house caught on fire, and you thought you had a few minutes to grab something quickly, what do you think you would run and get?
I might run and get my mobile phone since there are so many essential things on it. I would grab my purse since it should have my wallet inside. Some of us guard our vital documents, money, and precious metals in a fireproof safe. Maybe you would hurry and grab that safe if you felt you had time. Think about some of the things people protect by buying insurance policies.

Recently, I was reminded that we are instructed to guard and protect something essential as believers.

In 2 Timothy 1:14 Paul writes a letter to his spiritual son Timothy, encouraging him to Guard the Good Deposit through the Holy Spirit who lives in us. Paul is not talking about a financial deposit in your bank account. He’s not talking about guarding your phone or important items that you might keep locked and stored away in a fireproof safe.

Paul is inspiring Timothy to guard the Good News, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the reality of the Kingdom of God. Paul is also telling Timothy to Guard the Good Deposit, the sound teachings and trainings about the truth revealed in scriptures. He is advising Timothy to protect the investment that Jesus made in his life. 

We to must Guard the Good Deposit of truth and the investment we have received from Jesus.


Do You Have An Attitude To
Guard God's Good Deposit In You?

I spent most of my life guarding and protecting my money, education, career, and material things. Thanks to God's love, grace, and mercy, I am learning to Guard the Good Deposit.
I challenge you to change your attitude and guard God's Good Deposit in you?
With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can guard the most valuable gift and investment that's been deposited in our lives.


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