The Elizabeth - Representing the Abundant Life

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I'm excited to share a new video about what I gave birth to a few months ago, The Elizabeth vegan leather handbag. Please view, like, and share the video 💖.

After viewing the video ask yourself am I living an abundant life? Read below why I named this handbag Elizabeth.

The Elizabeth - Representing the Abundant Life

Have you ever had a delayed dream, unanswered prayer, and times of disappointments and doubt?

The name Elizabeth means My God Is Abundance. I named this handbag Elizabeth because of the life lessons on Abundance I've learned from the life of two people named Elizabeth, who dealt with some of the issues above.

One of them was my goddaughter Baby Elizabeth, a precious pre-mature girl from Uganda who only lived 45 days. In the midst of sorrow and grief her death gave birth to a new beginning. Within those 45 days, I witnessed her father encounter Jesus, resulting in a transformed life.

Some of you may have heard of the other Elizabeth from the Bible. She waited seventy-plus years on her promise to have a child. When God delivered his promise, He didn't give her any son. Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus, the one that paved the way for him. 

The life of both Elizabeth's reminds me to have an attitude of faith despite the circumstances. Their lives helped to transform my attitude of faith in these ways so that I can experience God’s Abundance:


  • Trust God for Everything
  • Give While You Wait
  • God is Perfect, and so is His Timing

When we operate from a mindset of Abundance, we are declaring that we trust in God's sovereignty, goodness, and providence in every area of our life. Therefore, your attitude of faith is a luxury and gives birth to new beginnings, seasons, and delayed dreams.  

The Elizabeth handbag allows women everywhere to wear a fashion accessory every day that represents My God Is Abundance. 

Shop The Elizabeth Handbag Now. This purchase is an investment you can feel good about. 



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