This is Kingdom business and God is the CEO.

is Latin for an abundant happiness.

Your Beatitudes is a Christian apparel brand that empowers and inspires women to live and experience a blessed life according to Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-11) through fashion. We design luxury handbags and accessories for purposeful and multifunctional use. Our apparel is a testimony of faith and designed for those who are and desire to be Beatitudes Blessed. 

Our mission is to build a Beatitudes Nation and positively impact communities by spreading love, hope, and faith through God’s power.

We aim to live out the Beatitudes  and help others find the happiness, joy, and peace that only God can give.

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Mrs. Que, the founder of Your Beatitudes, is a native of Flint, MI, with southern roots (Mississippi). She is a Woman of God, wife, educator, sower, and world traveler and strives to be a Proverbs 31 Woman.

Mrs. Que holds a masters degree from the University of Michigan-Flint and a undergraduate degree from Jackson State University (HBCU).

She was re-introduced to the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-11) back in 2009 while serving on the Celebrate Recovery Ministry at her local church (Greater Mount Zion) while residing in Austin, TX. While seeking to help others recover from their addictions, hurts, hang-ups, and habits, she realized that God placed her in that ministry for her recovery. Through serving and surrendering, God allowed the Beatitudes to recover and restore her from past abuse, rejection, and a failed marriage.

Ten years later, Mrs. Que birthed Your Beatitudes and is on a mission to build a Beatitudes Nation. With no formal fashion and design background, she is relying on the Holy Spirit to create stylish handbags and accessories for purposeful and multifunctional use.

Your Beatitudes is a Christian-owned market place ministry registered in Maryland. It is also a veteran and family-owned brand. All of the Your Beatitudes (YB) apparel are designed in the U.S. with an international reach. 



Join the Beatitudes Nation E-mail List for updates, product releases, coupons and inspiration.