Day 4: Courage to try Something New

Welcome back to the Attitude Challenge. It's Day 4, and you should be proud of yourself for taking the time to challenge your Attitude of Courage. Yesterday, we were challenged in our courage to use our voice. 

Your challenge for today: Courage to try Something New

What’s your Attitude about trying new things? Do you refuse and often fear trying something new?

Leaving our comfort zones causes some nervousness and anxiety for some people. It also brings a level of vulnerability. When I’ve tried something new, I’ve had to shift my Attitude away from asking myself some of these questions:

  1. Can I do this?
  2. Will I embarrass myself?
  3. Am I going to fail at this?

Yep, I’ve been guilty of resisting new things out of fear of an unknown outcome. A good example is when I first began to learn about investing in real estate. I kept thinking, is this going to work, and what will people think if I fail? I remember the effort it took to transform my Attitude and move out of my comfort zone of how I usually saved and invested money. However, if it’s something that I wanted to do for myself and my family, it was worth doing. 

I gained the courage to purchase my first 4-unit apartment (image below). You can have an Attitude of Courage to try something new as well. 

Why should you build the courage to try something new? When you are willing to try something different, you are activating courage and growing at the same time. There isn’t much courage in doing something you’ve done repeatedly and already know the outcome. Likewise, you don’t grow when you keep thinking the same way and taking the same actions over and over again.

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What area of your life do you need to try something new today?


Challenge Activity:

How will you activate courage to try something new today? Perform one of the acts of courage below:

  • I will learn a new skill or new subject.
  • I will travel to somewhere I’ve never been.
  • I will cook something new or try new food or restaurant.
  • I will write a story, poem, or article.
  • I will try a new sport or physical activity. 
  • I will start a new side hustle or business. 
  • I will try a different activity (not on the above list).

    Remember, this is a challenge. If using your voice to ask for what you want is easy for you, it doesn’t qualify as courageous, and you are not challenging yourself to finish strong. So dig deep and challenge yourself today. 

    Courage Memory Verse:

    “But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.” - 2 Chronicles 15:7

    Day 3: Courage to use my voice and ask for what I want