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Read about YB’s Founder’s Journey to Developing Bibles for Expats Living in Kuwait: 

Living in Kuwait has helped me appreciate the religious freedoms we have in the United States. Having access to a U.S. postal service on the military base in Kuwait is a benefit that most other expats living in Kuwait do not have. One of my sisters in Christ, a Filipino house church leader in Kuwait, asked me to order some Bibles for their house church members. When she sent me the Amazon links for the Bibles to purchase, I felt the Holy Spirit move on my heart to get more involved in getting more Bibles to Christian workers in Kuwait. 


That experience also served as a conversation starter when talking to salon workers and other expats I met in Kuwait. After asking them if they were a Christian, I would also ask them if they have a physical Bible. Most often, the answer was no, they didn’t have a Bible, they read it on their phone, and some even say employers told them not to bring their Bibles when they relocated to Kuwait for work. However, when I ask these workers if they would like me to get them a Bible, their reaction is usually excitement and joy. Therefore, I began ordering Bibles from the U.S. to have them on hand when I met Christians who needed them. 

After doing more research on access to Bibles in Kuwait, I learned that only one bookstore sold Bibles. To learn more about access to Bibles in Kuwait, I met with one of the pastors of Life Connection Church Kuwait (the church I attend), who oversees over 80 house churches in Kuwait and growing. To my surprise, a considerable need for more Bibles exists. Church leaders struggle to keep quantities of Bibles available for new believers and church members. Bibles for Expats Living in Kuwait was birth out of a desire to serve the Christian community in this capacity in Kuwait.

YB's brand value is to Serve Before Selling

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