Does your attitude shift with the seasons?🤔

It's something about the spring when we get enthusiastic about leaving the cold and gloomy winter behind. We gain fresh energy and momentum. Unfortunately, there are times when we quickly lost that excitement. Can you relate?

Your attitude is the foundation for everything in your life and can change your future.

God does not want us to enter another season clean on the outside but still dirty on the inside.

That's why I created this 7-Day Online Challenge. God is teaching me how to sustain that energy and momentum. We must go into the spring and every season with His Be-Attitude. The wonderful thing is we can clean our attitudes together via our free 7-Day Online Challenge.

🤔 Are you willing to take advantage of this opportunity to allow God to do the work he wants to transform your attitude?

➡️ Prioritize cleaning and changing your attitude above cleaning other things in your life.

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Clean Your Attitude Challenge 




The goal of this online challenge is for participants to have a transformed Be-Attitude in the area of Humility.  

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